Refuse Trucks

New Way® Garbage Trucks combine economy, safety, performance & durability

New Way® offers a full line of affordable refuse equipment which includes front loaders, rear loaders, satellite bodies, recycling bodies, side loaders and automated side loaders. Ranging from 6 yd. to 43 yd. to meet all of our customers needs in the garbage and recycling business.

Front Loaders

Superior Strength Front Loading Garbage Trucks Designed For The Heaviest Routes

When it is strength, durability and reliability that you need from a front loader, there is no task too heavy for these behemoths. With both full-size and lighter-weight options, the Mammoth line has outpaced the competition in performance; making the competitors' trucks nothing short of extinct by comparison. Learn more about New Way Front Loaders →.


Designed with one-piece body side construction, a curved shell, for superior strength and streamlined appearance, the New Way® Mammoth™ Front Loader comes equipped with the strongest steel specs in the industry.

  • One-piece curved shell body
  • Superior strength with streamlined appearance
  • Strongest steel specs in the industry
  • Heavy-duty bolt-on arm design
  • Pack-on-the-go to maximize route efficiency
  • Largest clean-out doors and sump in the industry

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Western Series Mammoth™

You don't have to sacrifice strength in your front loader refuse truck when size matters. The New Way® Western Series Mammoth™ Front Loader is over 10 percent lighter than the Mammoth, but has the same superior strength and capacity you have come to expect from New Way®. The lighter body weight, between 16,100 and 17,300 pounds, still maintains the 34 to 40 yd³ hopper capacity and a packer cycle time of only 25 seconds.

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Rear Loaders

A Full Line Of Rear-Loading Garbage Trucks That Pack A Big Bite

New Way's full line of rear-loaders far exceeds what customers have come to expect in this style refuse truck. With a model to fit the needs of any size waste management operation, each garbage truck is designed for compaction, durability, quality and productivity that sets a high bar in industry standards. And, all are backed by New Way's exceptional customer service. Learn more about New Way Rear Loaders →.

King Cobra™

The design of this heavy-duty refuse truck sets the bar, putting it at the top of the industry's food chain. The New Way® King Cobra™ Rear Loader is the unequivocal leader with approximately 1,100 to 1,300 lbs. per yd³ compaction rate and superior rear-loading capabilities.

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Cobra Magnum®

The biggest body in the rear-loader line, the New Way® Cobra Magnum® is designed to comply with DOT weight regulations and to offer the easiest operational features available in today's market. Operators have convenient access to curbside hydraulic controls on this rear loader that will easily compact approximately 1,000+ lbs. per yd³

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The New Way® Cobra™ Rear Loader is the contractor's choice, striking the perfect balance between outstanding compaction and a lightweight 20 yd³ body. With a compaction rate of up to 1,000 lbs. per yd³, the Cobra will do everything that any mid-size garbage truck will do.

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The New Way® Viper™ Rear Loader is one of the most popular mid-compaction rear-loader bodies, 11 to 13 yd³, on the market today. Larger capacity Viper units are excellent for both residential and commercial work.

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The New Way® Diamondback™ Rear Loader refuse truck's quality in workmanship and raw materials differentiates it from the competition. This compact, low-profile garbage truck with a low load-fill threshold has a compaction rate of approximately 800 lbs. per yd³ on the standard unit up to approximately 1,000 lbs. per yd³ on the HC Model.

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Automated Side Loaders

The Most Rugged Refuse Trucks on Earth

When New Way® saw that there was going to be a market shift to automation, they sent their engineers across the country to research everything that was available. After seeing the good, and the bad the market had to offer, the engineers came back to New Way® to design custom, innovative side loaders that are built for the long haul. Learn more about New Way Automated Side Loaders →.

Sidewinder XTR™

With the New Way® Sidewinder XTR™ Automated Side Loader, efficiency is always at your side. One-operator convenience, smooth operation, a faster compaction rate than any other side loader on the market, the strongest, frame-mounted arm in the industry and a 12-foot reach on that arm combine the convenience of automated loading and the ability to maneuver in tight spaces onto an ultra-tough, overbuilt loader.

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The future goal of waste management is zero waste being deposited into landfills. With an eye toward that future, New Way® leads the industry with the introduction of the first auger-fed organics collection truck in North America, the ROTO PAC®.

The self-cleaning auger on the ROTO PAC® not only more efficiently compacts organic materials, such as grass clipping and food waste, but will also automatically auto reverse in the event of a jam. The 23,000 lbs. of auger torque makes quick work of compaction and self-cleaning, eliminating down time to clean out behind the packer RAM.

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Satellite Bodies

Squeezing Into Places Other Garbage Trucks Can't

Satellite packers are ideal for start-ups, rural routes and areas that can't accommodate full-size packers, such as residential areas with weight limits, parks, narrow alleys, etc. Learn more about New Way Satellite Bodies →.


The New Way® Mamba™ Satellite Side Loader slithers its way into routes other garbage trucks can't and provides the freedom to load from either side. With its slender body construction, the Mamba plays a big role and has the ability to transfer compacted materials to larger rear loaders. Available in fixed body mount, the Mamba also features cart tipper and barrel dumper options, giving you the ability to customize a machine that is sure to strike fear into the competition.

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